Attorney Spotlight

Attorney, strategist, problem-solver. For Bill Byrns, the terms are intertwined. "My task is to develop timely, cost-effective solutions for my clients," says Byrns, whose practice focuses on real estate and business. Whether those clients are seasoned developers, a hotel owner looking to sell, partners in a fledgling business, a condominium association board of directors, or first-time home buyers, Byrns focuses on finding the appropriate strategy for the person and the issue at hand.

Michelle Comeau uses strategic thinking and superior legal analysis to help clients achieve results as efficiently as possible. Her approach benefits clients by preserving their reputations and avoiding significant damages, as well as pursuing the rights of individuals and organizations who have been wronged by others. She handles a wide range of civil litigation and pre-litigation matters, including contract disputes and business torts, fraud, product liability, class actions, and appeals. Michelle also regularly advises clients in pre-litigation and non-litigation contexts, with an emphasis on helping Hawaii’s local businesses as well as its healthcare community.

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